Who do u like the best?



yall know it would be me


i like vul because he the best pvper out of all you starters

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I agree

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No offense there all kinda wired


Fr tho. Cant pick
Gimme better options
For aure not vul tho


just choose 1

good you chose vul

well you guys have probably have never seen him but his name was cheesecracker

  1. Team 2
  2. Cuzin cosmi
  3. Top 100

shush u bad player

im still better tho so dont matter


shush ur bad worst pvp player to ever touch this game no offense

Dude im better than u.

not ur worst than me

Uve never kipled me and whrn we fight i always kill u

ive killed u many times

I don’t talk to the ones that you have listed but I like zarooma and slappdabass

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can i pick two?