Who else craves depressing or sad music

Recently I have been depressed more than usual with a spike of another emotion on the occasion, if you want to know what it might be and why dm, if I trust you enough i will say.

Do you listen to depressing or sad music

  • Yes or most
  • No or not often
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good sad song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhjTa_7Nq6Y

No, I like happy music.

Dude I keep telling you


Yrsk!!! Listen to yrsk comrade!!
please listen to yorushika!!


You problem, if your depressed dont be depressed easy.

When people are sadge sometimes it’s not as easy as not becoming sadge. Pressuring people to not be sadge might make it worse. Just keep that in mind comrade.

That’s like saying “If your drowning then just breathe air” No duh its not that easy.

If you are bad at sb cough number1cough cough cough just get better at sb!!!
that easy!!

Listening to sad music isn’t necessarily bad.

It is,

No if your drowning drink the water simple ???

Hm what place are you on the lb? :skull: sure aint top 100

What if your drowning in a ocean 10000 feet deep.

Drink the water thats what i just said learn from the smart

As a lifeguard, I strongly recommend that you don’t do that.

Shadow is against the smart :rage:

Keeping this on topic:

Depression can be a serious matter, and it is unreasonable to expect people to simply get rid of feelings of sadness when they are persistent. It is also wrong to say that “it’s their problem”. Rather, make sure they receive the care and support they need (maybe by showing some).

Totally, sure, sure

If hes depressed just drink less depressso

used to be on top 100 also im going to ask slap to divorce you :shoot: