Who is Barthos?

This guy joined 5 days ago and is already top #500.

Also has some crazy kills

Of course he uses anime skin :augh:

Idk who that guy is but all I know is I’m getting my #1 spot back on the kills leaderboard no matter what it takes

Go get’m, killer!

He beat me in top coins he is now my true nemesis

Imagine it’s you :skull:

Who are you talking to? I don’t even play that often anymore :thinking:

To be fair I could do something like that but why would I do all that on an alt when I could get 240k more xp on my main (thats how much xp that guy has)

barthos is on the discord

I hate barthos (might be nice but the fact they use anime skin :augh:)

no they use cat skin mostly

phew cat skin > girl skin

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