Who Is STRONGER (in swordbattle)

Acol wins

hard to choose from tho ngl

@_IK_Assasinator would u mind taking over my job for a bit

ugh fine i guess

hehe boi

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There is no rule saying they have to be names of people who play swordbattle.io so Andrew Holzmann and Abe Holzmann

Hi, can I change my vote? Its not letting me unclick

Good mortal:)


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Oh thank god

DesertShadow & Assassinator

i alr did that

Im not doing that

lol prob cuz ur gonna make urself win

Im in charge of shinobi’s job now hehe

i read

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PiSnowTheory31 vs SHINOBI SLAYER :]

hey hey, today was ur first time winning against me. I won against sagee to but it doe not mean iam better

That is why I am asking the semi-official people, also, we have not fought much.

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how does a not even top 50 beat a top 20