Who knows the clan names?

How many people does it have

Looks right…

We had a list then I deleted it cause stocks…

Gucci Gang: WAP all you need to known…

ck clan is owned by me and angel

… does that make MV a cult then?


mv is a clan i dislike


What about sk = skinkreators

that clan disolved

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no why would it

oh ok

totally not we r a peacful cough cough cult imean clan and we would never sacrafice people to the great microwave
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:grimacing: you werent supposed to see that

no, it is a distinguished religion

no one asked your opinion but ok

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Angel left to FC

then i will own CK and crush her new clan

kid is corny bro in a clan called microwave grow up

I’m probably older than you. And your clan name isn’t any better.

im 15 and ur based off a frog

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