Who wants to 1v1

I wannnnannannana 1v1 somebody

I can 1v1 you, but I think you can simply ask people in general/swordbattle chat rather than making a topic.

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and ok

Bro y is u spamming topics like just dm him that

So we didn’t end up 1v1ing…

In a traditional 1v1, both sides need to be ready for one.
This means both players having enough gold for an evolution (usually at least 15k for second evols like warrior). Next time, don’t try killing/attacking me when you’re unevolved and underleveled. That does not count as a 1v1. Instead, grind to 15k first, tell me when you’re ready, we count to 3, and then we 1v1, either to the death or to red.

Bro went full packgod on u ngl

I don’t think I seemed harsh, did I?

Edit: I don’t mean to be rude/harsh, I just wanted to let you (Marnell) know how 1v1s usually work, so the next time we meet, we can have a proper 1v1 :)

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