Who's That Player! [EVENT] (Round 2 Started!)

Who’s That Player!

Each round, based on information given, you will have to guess which forum user it corresponds to. (Punctuation and Capitalization will vary based on users answers.) If you get it right you get 2 points. Other ways to get points will be available based on the round. The person with the most points at the end of the event wins! Anyone can join anytime during the event. The first round will begin on Tuesday, the second round will begin Wednesday, and the last round will be on Thursday.

Round 1

Fake out [Ongoing] - A player will give a response to a prompt and you will have to figure out which one it is from a selection of answers. The other players who joined will give fake answers trying to impersonate the original user. You will get 1 point for every person who picks your answer.

Prompt #1: If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?
(What did Memoranti-hack say?)

~ Poll ~

  • orca
  • Argus
  • woodpecker
  • Elephant

~ Poll ~

Answer: Woodpecker

Angel +4 points.
3RG3R +3 points.
Loucantoucan +2 points.
Meomaranti +2 points.

Prompt #2: Fill in the blank: I love ___.
(What did Coolguy83 say?)

~ Poll ~

  • I love dogs.
  • I love my fish
  • I love writing
  • I love chickewn wigns

~ Poll ~

Answer: I love chickewn wigns

Coolguy83 +8 points.
Uri +1 point.
Slapadabass +1 point.
Incognitoes +1 points.
3RG3R, Slapadabass, DOOMSLAYER, MostLime12195, Uri, Glaceon8 +1 point.

Prompt #3: Pick a random word.
(What did Glaceon say?)

~ Poll ~

  • Idiot
  • Apple
  • Word
  • Tomato
  • Wicked

~ Poll ~

Answer: Word

Glaceon8 +4 points.
F1NN +3 points.
SpiffyCayden +3 points.
Number1 +1 point.
Slapadabass, Uri +1 point.

Guess Who [Not Started] - A player will give the best word to describe the prompt. The other players will also give fake words trying to gain points. You will get 1 point for every person who picks your answer.

Prompt #1: Give the best word to describe yourself.
(What did Lewcantoucan say?)

  • boring
  • Existent
  • Nerdy
  • cool
0 voters

Prompt #2: Give the worst word to describe yourself.
(What did Wasd say?)

  • yellow
  • (censored)
  • spammer
  • Responsible
0 voters

Prompt #3: Give a random fact about yourself.
(What did Slapadabass say?)

  • I once did a double all-nighter.
  • I swam 1200 breaststroke before
  • My friend has a brother named Orville
  • i joined this forum by forum collisions
  • I am a twin
0 voters
Round 3

Story Time [Not Started] - A short story will be provided from a player and you will have to guess who made it. You will get 2 points for every person who picks your answer.


Will be updated at the end of the event.

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prompts in pms?

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yea, i will pm you the prompt when the time comes.


Send kt to me

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welp now that i seen this event i gonna have to delay something because doing a thing after another thing is kind of stressful

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Update: I updated the schedule of the event and added what the 2nd and 3rd round will be.

Can you start round 1?

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I would… But some of the players haven’t responded yet. I want to give them a chance to reply before i start the event. Currently, we’re missing @Uri and @F1NN for Round 1


Round 1 started! :smiley:


this feels like a guessing game now.

I guess it kinda is… :person_shrugging:
maybe I should’ve asked better questions.
I think the next rounds should be better though…

i mean wouldn’t they still be a bit like guessing? unless you planning on giving hints or info or something?

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probably, but a hint would make things too easy.

then maybe give a little info?

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Added the answers and points for round 1.

Wasnt told i had to vote :frowning:

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voting is completely optional :person_shrugging:

I didnt know there was even a voting :(

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