Why Agent is the Worst Clan

when i logged on today, there was a guy named “Agent” who was king

i decided to try a few new castaway keywords when he came

apparently, he didn’t know about the castaway feature so he laughed, thinking i was stupid, and asked who i was talking to

after i told him briefly about castaway, he went to the very back of the room and started typing

i was at the perfect position so i sniped him twice before he could press enter

before the third shot, he tried to escape but i killed him as he was trying to leave the area

agent just sounds like a mid name too

I met a person who did not know about Castaway once, and I asked Castaway, “Who are you,” and he replied to it.

u know that agent is agenthershey idk why but he leak himself :skull:

makes sense

what does the castaway do? I tried killing it!

he helps people try asking things like “help” “hello” “weapons” ect

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