why do yall play swordbattle so much

btw i startd playing again a little bit

Keep this on topic. Talk about why you play swordbattle instead of beefing.

The arguments are the reasons why it’s fun like you just witnessed

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take to dm’s if you want but don’t beef here

No it’s not beef I don’t have any beef with Vic I just knew he can handle some
But I love insulting cocky newbies

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To be fair, realmz also has its fair share of beefing cough cough MINION and 7Clappz cough cough

Anyways, the main reason I’ve been playing swordbattle is mostly because of the PVP. I’m a pretty experienced player, so fighting teamers can be fun.

I do think realmz PVP can be fun, but maybe I’m just more used to swordbattle. I think I found swordbattle PVP easier to get into than realmz PVP, but then again, I haven’t played many games of realmz and it could be a skill issue on my part.

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sb community is active game is just a 20 player io game
realmz community is not active game is just a 30 player io game

There are people not on forum that play a lot on sb

Well thats obvious for u lol

Idk killer maybe

No offence @gautam but I think realmz is quite a bit better.

yes swordbattle has more players its the company of people that makes it fun.

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that gonna be me this summer
kill everything I see

I think I agree with Shadow basically in Sword if you are a new player and server is dominated by pros (like how normally io games are) you can choose to fight them and get destroyed (not fun) but you can also choose to avoid them relax a bit by getting chests and slowly growing, then once you are powerful you actually can fight them and if you understand basic evolution and ability sense you actually have a chance at beating them and being the next king. THing is that you dont always need to fight to grow at a consistent pace, you can actually get a ton of coins by just faming chests and mobs which are easy for any kid to do, and you can start easily killing people smaller than you getting you a feel for the pvp

whereas in realmz I feel it is too skill based and every time there are 20+ people playing there is some really godlike dude you can never kill he is way far in abilities and also really good at aiming etc and you feel like you have no chance at beating him in progression by just avoiding people like you can in sb and that sometimes makes game boring for me cos I know I can never beat this guy


The new clan update is insane!

its out?

I think the main thing is that in swordbattle, there are bots that act like real players. So new players feel like they are so good at the game, they can kill almost anyone they meet.

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When I started playing it was very easy to learn with the mobile controls and how the evols worked. The thrill of battle when it happens + all the friends and memories Ive made has kept me here. Climbing the leaderboard had also given me a reason to play, just not as much of a big reason now.