Why I am a qualified and good pick for secretary

Why You Should Pick Me for Secretary!

  • I have a cool outfit

  • I have a lot of experience as a butler

  • I have glasses i can put on

  • just ask angel im a great secretary


secatary for what???

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forum elections

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Here darko


Nah -

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lol it was auto translated as near lol

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I didn’t know frumpy spoke French!!

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Yooo frumpy that is awsome do you like pain?


i will give you a hat if you vote for me :cowboy_hat_face:


Are you the koolest kid?

Yes indeed I am the koolest kid and I love helping people, that’s why I think I would be good for this

just think of the cool hat you could get for your profile picture if you vote for me

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I can confirm that frumpy is in fact the koolest kid.

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