Why i haven't run for elections. (forum elections)

soo… some of you may have been wondering why i haven’t run for elections…

but the reason? it’s simple, really.

i didn’t want to.

i’ve had other things to do, and i’ve already just gotten tl4, so i wouldn’t want something else on my hands when i have plenty other things to do. and also:

even i if i were to run…

i wouldn’t be motivated. i would be, in simple terms, a bad candidate. and nobody wants a bad candidate.

for something such as this, i wouldn’t want to be the reason people had a bad vice president, president, secretary, or treasury…

so i’ve just decided to refrain from running at all.

anyways, hope this cleared things up… i’ve had, like… more than 4 people dm me about this already, so i just wanted to make a post about this.

lol, just a reminder, this is for fun! You won’t actually have any responsibilities for any of these roles. It wouldn’t hurt to run for a position. I’ve seen your writing, I think you could prove yourself to be a strong candidate.


true, but if this is for fun, i have other things to do, y’know?

Im not running bc ill get no votes

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I have not ran because I am not much of a participant

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