Why wont my about me save?

I put my about me in and save it but I cant see it and when I go back It isn’t there is this a bug or am i supposed to be a certain trust level?


go down and it should say save changes, its not a glitch or trust level

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i am it still dosent work i even tried saving multiple times

Able to reproduce, taking a look now.

Uest pm me what you want to put on ur abt me
(edit): tried to change it and yeah its a glitch

you are right

i saved your about me to “test (dont mind this” but it isnt showing on your about me


look ^^

its been doing for days i thouight it was just my leverl

what does that mean

nah cause i cant change your about me, says saved but your about me is still blank

exactly been happing for days i thought it was a trust level

@gautam Yeah, about me doesnt save. Not even saving on my own account

something is going on then, probably a glitch within the forum

So dats why I am stuck with the frog curse

Are statuses locked too?

Only if you change them from user settings I guess, I just changed mine twice and had it stick. (You can change status from your PFP in upper right corner → Person icon → status)

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Anyone have an idea why this is happening? Idk what caused it it just doesn’t like to change now
I’ll restart the backend sooon see if that helps

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Im not sure, I tried to edit it also, but it didn’t work.