Why you should vote me as Vice President of the forum

The Forum Elections: November 2023

Hue has made the The Forum Elections and I am running for the role of Vice President

I hope you vote me :slightly_smiling_face:

Why should you vote me for Vice President?

  • I have been on this forum for over a year
  • I am a TL4
  • I am great at making skins
  • I know how to format posts well
  • I am more active than my competitor, FwhipyFishy
  • I do not plan on going inactive any time soon
  • I am quite good at time management
  • I hosted fun games such as SCC and IOGWM
  • I am a good leader but can also follow orders from above me quite well
  • I will try to make this forum a better place to hang out and talk about Io games
  • I have been on this forum for a quite long time
  • I know how to deal with people who are making trouble

Those are the reasons you should vote me Vice President of the Io Games Forum

Will you support me?
  • I will support you!
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Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:


Coolio you have my vote!

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

No problemo youโ€™re pretty cool

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thats pretty gang gang dude, i gotta respect

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only just but yeah you will be great

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You are (from what I have seen) a calm personality. I hope you can bring peace to the forum.

Good luck!


Seems like a totally legit account
Screenshot 2023-11-02 1.20.12 PM

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Yes, thatโ€™s me

It does not like the fact that Iโ€™m on an alt so it is constantly changing to f1NN posting lol

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Well as long as you donโ€™t use alts in the actual vote I trust?

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meh, id rather vote frumpy

Iโ€™m running for a different position :sob:

ok i vote nobody

:augh: :augh: my one voter :augh: :augh:

Im better :D / ur inactive af what u meanโ€ฆ

Images dont work for me L

Your profile picture looks like a male version of elsa from frozen in real life

I mean if itโ€™s you and fishy I will vote for you but I still donโ€™t trust you
Can you bake cookies?

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