people have been asking

Im BACK AT SB over the summer im gonna have a pokemon trainer arc bc i wanna be the very best that noone ever was

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I like John wick


which movie i like them all part from second


people missin the point :sob: :sob:

Whats the point?

Nukes uses the skin in the video, so this is demonstrating how Nukes is back

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Someone gets it

w nukes your my pookie

Sadly i cannnot, my loyalty lies with killer, wherever he may be

@𝘼-𝙗𝙀𝙩 i edited so people can understand better, hope it makes sense instead of looking like a random sh post now lol

this the post u want me to see?

yeah im back

you told me to stop poppin in and out so I decided eh I think I’m back

Oooh nice, I will start playing when there’s the evol update

Hm not unless im here. Im trainer red the best of the best

You will never beat the power of using friendship. And if that fails i can use some arbitrary stage element like a sprinnkler system to ruin the fair match.

I can

Togepi i choose you

XDDDD it is over for num1 lol