Would you rather win $25,000 or your best friend win $100,000?

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My best friend win $100,000 because I can ask for $50,000 from him.

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My best friend win 100,000$.

best friend win 100k but ill be collecting 50% tax

25k for me sense k don’t trust my best friend to not do smth dumb and hurt himself I’ll share with him as a pity tax though

give my best friend the $100,000

Give my best friend 100,000 dollars because I would trust him to use it better than me

best friend $100,000

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  • Give 100,000$ to friend
  • Get 25,000$ to keep
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I ask my friend how much i have to pay them out of the 100k to give the rest, if that number is higher than 25k I will chose that

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