Wow tysm guys for voting me

Much love too who voted me and won. :heart:

If u didnt win im sorry i hope u get to win next time

Oh wow congrats but does that mean doomslayer and flame also get tl4?

Not sure

Doom 100 percent and flame shud get tl4

If I didn’t vote for u would’ve went down a lil and lost so :)))

will u vote for me at some point number?? :D

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Give me tl 4, trust the process

Nah I will be the next tl4 >:)

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Dw i voted jabberwocky instead of you

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Bruh there was 3 ppl u could vote for in total like i voted uri number and battle…

I voted flame, doom, and jabberwocky. The others were better to me at the moment because I confused num with @anon76426101 (forgor their name)

Oh gotcha i voted on my personaly favorites of the 20 ppl or smth ish


yeah him, he’s annoying asf

wrd, I remember u hated me cause of the emoji thing LOL

you mean the :cat: “mrow” status? That was just me being silly

i voted numb1 uri and doom (srry flame)

flame got t;4 dw

Number will u vote for me in the future?? :D

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