XenVix Clan!


  • 1M XP or over
  • Over 300 Stabs
  • No Bad Reputation
  • Put XV on your name

I thought of making my own clan
because for some reason being an MV gets a lot of hate for some reason
I will now be Known As (XV)VictorBattler

Yes Im Leaving Microwave clan

when we next meet it shall be in battle…

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how do i check my score?


The Day shall come where i Defeat you, Frumpy

Until Next Time

Heh. I look forward to it.

go to swordbattle click your name and press profile

If u go against frump then u will have to go against me:)

MV is a decent clan ig


Ha I’ll kill u either way

I Will Grind so hard you guys will wake up one day and see me first ALL TIME

all you need is to wait

One Day…

I like that confidence!

But the thing is, I won’t let u…

And thts if I let u grind

what do you mean by that :fearful:

yay i qualify for your clan!!!

can i join?

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Anyone who gets in my way, they will perish.

I’m not what you would call ‘super good’ at the game, but I have something that lots if others don’t. Persistence. I’ll just get back up. I would like to see u try and stop me, but trust me, I will win. No matter what. I will reach number 1

of course