PLS check it out it my old skin that I forgot and made it better

what should I call it though

pls my guy

Seems like angel skin but more of a kniht

what does that meen

broooooooooo no way you made that skin


no cap on god


alr i belive u

Screenshot 2023-10-30 1.32.01 PM

explain this then hmmmmm???

IDK what that is

bro I wouldent use that

and also it is unfinished

Just remake the skin WITHOUT the images from google. This is literally something that is on the post on how to make skins.

Also, its easy to tell that you used that image and then recolored it white and yellow. Taking an image from google is already a problem, but lying about it is even worse.

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I know but I didnt use that BRUUUUUUUU

I know it would be easy but I made it on pixler

There’s no reason for it to be so similar other than copying

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First the wings are stolen now the halo and also the spear you just traced over someone elses work please dont lie to people and say you made this than put it on “god” which can be offensive to people

Also to me cause im Christian and the proof is there