Zr.ACID's skin for now

Is it good
give me a tip if i need to add something
( work still in progress)


He cant get a skin

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he told me to make one for him
so I did

Tell him too bad it wont be added

cool skin

nice skin! cosmic ,don’t act like that

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sure i will tell him


I will say what i want to and need to say. Mind ur own business

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WHen u add mi skin

ull see. next update

thnx a lot cosmic

Technically, you can’t get your own skin until you are top 10

still, give him a chance to try!!!

well he can try to get into top 10

is coder top 10?

did zr make the game?

did acol?

nope, whats your point?

why did u bring in acol

tbh idk