1 Million Coin Speedrun

A continuation off of this post of mine:

Should’ve done my homework, but neat :slight_smile:

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Special thanks to {FC}Noob for dropping their 15k gold for the final push, and to the people who accidentally died :skull:



Realizing that you should instead be studying for a quiz tomorrow can be a good motivator to rush through it.

Serious answer: Probably RNG. It really depends on how close purple chests respawn to each other.


If the purple chest respawns really close to the one you just broke, you wouldn’t be spending time trying to search for it. Circling around the map trying to find the purple chest can waste a lot of time.

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Can you show me the basic logic in this?


a strat i used to use was to warrior ability (mostly on dead servers, i wasn’t gonna use it anyway) to widen my fov to find purple chests, don’t know if it still works

juggernaut is even better for that

did the jugger speed get buffed?

yeah it did, it’s only 0.1 from warrior now (look at my post)

oh wow

that’s actually good now

Yeah, but I don’t think I can go get a run under 1 hour with warrior. While lumberjack’s ability doesn’t increase the FOV like warrior’s, lumberjack is able to break purple chests a lot faster than warrior.

multi-tabbing with Juggernaut and Lumberjack? on ded servers might be a good way to find purple chests and still be fast. Bot suppressing might be a problem though

1M Coins in 1 run is insane

My best run was 2.4 mil :slight_smile:

Not as good as some people on the forum, but I’m happy with it.


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