10 types of swordbattle players

The farmer

These players are mainly nice, friendly swordbattle players who will try and team with you. They are especially good at getting coins.
Examples: @Shadowblade @twofoursixeight @UN-CKℤukØ

The grinder

These players can and usually will attack anyone they aren’t teamed with, and are exceptionally good at getting coins.
Examples: Loler @frumpy KingSnakey

The fighter

These players will attack just about anyone above 5k, and are usually decent or good at pvp. If you’re teamed with one, they will usually ask to 1v1 and fight you even if you say no.
Examples: @swordz @potatolord

The revenge maniac

If you kill them, they will come back. And try to kill you. Again. And again. And again. Extremely annoying, they will betray you the first chance they get.
Examples: If you’ve play at least ten games, you’ve seen one. @swordz

The scum

These players are my least favorite. They will do just about anything to get coins, roaching, stealing your kills and chests, betraying you, blaming you for stealing their coins, lying, cheating and rallying people against you because you accidentally “stole their coins”.
Examples: n o

The forum guy

These players will constantly go afk to check on forum to check topics, replies, pings and notifications in general. In fact, some people call them forum addicts because they will do just about anything to be on the forum.
Examples: @Wasd @Slapadabass @twofoursixeight @UN-CKℤukØ @Undefeated_zarooma

The camper

These players will camp in bushes and when you are just minding your own business they pop out and just push you in the bush to pvp. These players will do just about anything to make you rage. And besides all that they are still usually garbage and still get destroyed. Now thankfully there is no one on forum that is actually a camper but if you play sword battle there is alway someone camping at a mythic chest

The newbie

These players are new to the game… and you can kinda tell. They often try to break purple chests upon spawning (without even leveling up first), attack pro players without hesitation, spam click while fighting, use their tank ability right away when starting a fight, and attack unevolved players. But sometimes, these new players would approach you (often when you are chatting with a friend) and spin while saying “TEAM”, and follow you until you give an answer.

The too many friends guy

These players have played the game for a while over various times of the day making …a
l o t… of friends and because of this if you’re getting attacked more likely than not they are already teamed with the attacker. Depending on the person this can be found from infuriating all the way to impressive
Examples: @wasd idk many others since everyone kill each other when im on

The anti-teamer

These players hate teamers with a burning passion. Will complain about getting 2v1ed, and will sometimes ask to team just so they can betray you.


I made this a wiki so you guys can add more!


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What am i? I donnt really fit in any… Except revenge maniac. And i always succeed. Ask zoomie


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@JayAySeaOhBee14 I know I added you as scum earlier, and I removed you because you asked me to. Just hear my side of the story, okay?

Wasd and I are grinding in peace, having a good time, when suddenly you and another player, Jaydenthepro, come and ask to team.
Jayden is mad at you for betraying and killing him earlier, and you claim it was because he had cussed at you. He denies the claim.
Later, I almost killed a rook as a berserker (I had tried to give Wasd my coins when i was a fisherman, but Jayden took them instead) and I threw my sword at the rook, killing them. You swoop in, take the coins, and claim you saved me? When you actually didn’t?
Then, when I’m still at red health from the fight, I attack a purple chest, bring it to yellow, and you say “mine” and throw your sword at me, bringing me to a literal pixel of health. At this point, I’m like “okay” and go to grind some more.
Jayden and I kill the rook again, who is now a warrior, and I accidentally take all of the coins. Jayden gets kinda mad, and I say I’ll get him more coins, and you suddenly come in and fisherman both of us to death.
The next day, I ask you why you killed us, and you say I stole your chest that you had brought to half health, but I brought that chest to half health, and you still took the coins. And apparently, Jayden had cussed at you, that’s why you killed him, but he never did. I was with him the whole time.
And while we were grinding together, you repeatedly bullied smaller players, even though I told you not to.

That’s why I put you in scum.