100+ hours of playtime! (thank you.)

so…i realized something today.

i have…100+ hours of playtime in sb.

and i just wanted to say thank you to all those who have supported me and helped me throughout my time in swordbattle.io…and i don’t plan on quitting anytime soon ;].

but seriously, you guys… thank you for all the support you all have given me…and thank you @gautam for creating this amzing game :].

i’ve gained a lot of things with my 100+ hours time, too:

  • 250 profile views
  • 1,600 games played
  • 745,000 xp
  • 7,000 stabs

and, best of all, #75 of all time!

oopsies i gotta go grind noww-

* chuckles *


Good for you! Hope you are having fun doing it!

i am, thx!

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kinda crazy how u got more games played then me

lol woww how many u got?


dangg i got like 400 more lol :sweat_smile:

this just means im good at grinding B)

I feel like a god

amam make a rate my stats post

yep lol ik u are but still crazy

mhm alr and imma come in and sayy, hey look i got 400 more gamess playeeddd-

uhh jk lol

nice :+1:
hahahahhahahhaahahahahahhahaaa :pensive:

ty (and wut was that insane laughter for)

just contemplating my life decisions on why i spen 40 hours in 1 week

bahahahah-wait u spent a QUARTER OF UR WEEK ON SB??!!??

dw about it haha

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games played changes nothing bro

you can get 6 games played/minute if you keep spam joining and if you set up a macro to do that for 5 hours you’ll get almost 2k games played

:eyes: lol who would do that


I only got 24 hrs