Screenshot 2023-04-08 4.48.23 PM

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good job


gg man

now get 80 million more and get top ten

bruh this top 100 is getting weird who are half of these kids anymore

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I don’t play but I am on the forum sometimes plus people lose interest in this game


Ima pass u up one day. I guarantee it!
i only got 4 mill to grind to beat u but thats like…1-2 days worth grinding so its finna be EZ

a 2 mil day is a hard work day. i cant do those anymore.


funny things is it only takes me like 2 hours to grind 1 mill if im not lollygagging so like…:person_standing:

I got 1 mil in 3rd period alone bro. i just dont have classes that let me play. Im actually IN school rn. remember?

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its almost like we go to the same school, but thatd be crazy.

Me when the 100th


Its almost like im in class

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