15-45 second ad for 1k coins?

Who thinks if you had the ability to watch a 15-45 second ad for 1k coins you would, should it be added?

  • Yes
  • No
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prob maybe 5k cus you could get 1k in 10s in game


I know I ain’t exactly a good source, but I know plenty of people (myself included) who have a lot of time and would just spam it til they got rich, so maybe there should be a limit on how many times you could do it per day?


I guess 5k is a good number but remember this also counts as xp so make it at least 3.5k?

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it counts as your score… so…

That sounds like it would be annoying, and you could easily die watching the ad

Better version of ad rewards:

Revival ads:

  1. watch video
  2. come back to life with 80% the money (10 if below 25, 20k if above 25k)
    you would not get any extra XP for the half you are given upon respawning
    or, you could respawn with half and not get any XP from before you revive

Still bad, but better then that, in my opinion


That sounds pog

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we cant watch ads so i dont think thats a good idea

coming back with half of the coins u have is kinda op cuz think abt it if u had like 1m u would come back with 500k

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how so?

mhm, but you wouldn’t get 1.5m XP, you would get 500k, just a chance to do better

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smart idea.

Nah it will only count toward SHOP COINS, not XP (sorry @ANGEL )

It will be unfair if it was XP, the coins will not affect gameplay in any way


My line of thought was simular to that

Nah no need to be sorry as long as this idea gets rid of upcoming ads on forum it’s all good


**what if I did both :smirk: **

jk jk will experiment see what works best


i did 1k oops

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With this is there any chance that soon you may add random spawn all around the map to stop spawn camping and roaching