1st Place Challenge/Showcase

Go from nothing to #1

The challenge is to make a video of you going from nothing all the way to #1 on the leaderboard for that server. You have to start in the title screen and then join at the start of the video and it can end once you get #1 on the leaderboard. I will start off with a pretty bad attempt I did earlier (my mousepad wasn’t working), so here it is!

(not a rickroll, don’t worry)

I’m not sure how you can post videos on here so I just used something I’ve made on replit. Maybe coder can add a feature to the forum where you can post bigger videos.

And don’t forget to have funnnn!


lol “funnn”


Here I did a run Run.mp4 - Google Drive

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Probably one of my worst runs on my phone hand kept slipping off the movement button and only managed to hit the sword throw button 3/10 of the times I tried but could be worse like the time I somehow swept up in a middle of a battle and died /:


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