1st Swordbattle Olympics - Popular Vote Heat Four

Preliminary heats will each run for 30 minutes.

Heat Four

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Well, gotta pick the owner.

frumpy sweep

I voted gautum cause Im bribing him to revoke my tl3 wait (;

I Clicked the Owner I wanted Frumpy instead :frowning:

you can still change your vote

@Frumpy moves on to the finale!


The poll has already ended and changes can no longer be made.

dang you all went against me I see how it is :sob:

Your only loss this entire tournament.

I didn’t

hmm show me proof

I can’t. But uk I’d only vote foru

Never for frumpy

you sure abt tht?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yesi am

show me ur vote then

I can’t

poll closed