1st Swordbattle Olympics - Popular Vote Heat Two

Preliminary heats will each run for 30 minutes.

Heat Two

My pick:
Slap because of skins.

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slap easy

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if you don’t vote slap i will eat your pancreas.

which one of you voted mitblade? Change it to slap or I will delete your minecraft world

That was me.

you psycho! Why did you not vote for yourself

Voting for myself would be kind of shallow and wouldn’t make me feel like I made a good choice

who cares about feeling shallow?? You need to claw your way to the top at any cost, if you want to make it in today’s society.

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I didn’t even vote for myself in the mod election, but look at me now.

If you dont feel bad about yourself, you haven’t lived. -ghandi

Last chance to vote!

@Slapadabass moves on to the finale!

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