2.4mil coins

After 2 days of attempts I finally passed my goal of 2mil coins, nobody helped me but I want to thank e108 in swordbattle for just being a nice guy while I got the coins


good job! congats!

wth when the f- do you have 3 hours and 40 minutes to spare?

Nvm my message, im sleepy

Bro I probably got around 8ish hours to spare each day, I spend more time playing swordbattle than I spend time sleeping

beat my record kid :slight_smile:

Dannggg that is a lot of time lucky lol


Who do you call everyone “kid”?

OYOY some people on this forum have no life even after they reach adulthood

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Gg nice run, you will be etched onto sb history.


Its wild tht five people have higher runs

Dang acol really quadrupled into 4 people

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i was #1 for 1 day lol

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Noo l had a 2 hour run but i wasn’t signed in!! I am so mad rn!

No worries, it would still appear on the leaderboards for coins, survived, and kills, even if you aren’t signed in.

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What was the name you had when you weren’t signed in

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No idea lol. I could go look later

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Congrats! Its even more impressive that nobody helped you.

nobody helped me