2024 Annual Forum Artist Championship

2024 Annual Forum Artist Championship

The 2024 Annual Forum Artist Championship is an event that brings anyone in this forum and compete for victory.

How things are going to be :star: rated :star::

  1. Creativity (rated through 1-4)

For example, your piece you have to have some sort of creativity like Cosmetic Spaghetti. Also, a creative name for the piece like The Spaghetti of the Cosmo’s.

  1. Effort (rated through 1-3)

Can’t look like scribbles, and sloppy joe (If you know what I mean.)

  1. Time (rated through 1-3)

Has to look like you spent a lot of time.

Also, you can use a reference, but you have to include it as well with you drawing.

(Altogether is 10.)


  1. @_CK_ArtieMars

  2. @Shadowblade

  3. @Slapadabass

  4. @Number1

Join by saying: “Future Champ”

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It Starts At:


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I make horrible at managing time so I’ll struggle but whatever

Lemme be a judge

A penguin that supports joe biden

Let me ask the others.

Future Champ

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Ok! Listed!

:information_source: :a::m: J :o2: :information_source: N :information_source: :ng:

So Im judge?

Gautam always joins these things and ends up having no time to do any of it :skull:

Future champ. Also what day does it start?


6, 7, 8, or 10 people joining

future champ
think i am to late

ur not at all

How many days do i have to draw

Bumping so I don’t forget this thing

until everyone is finished

What if people decide to not draw anything? Stuff like this happens, where people join a competition but end up not participating. I feel like having a deadline is necessary, but people can ask for an extension if they need it.

Friday or Wednesday either one