3,000 Kills

i saw my old post

and everybody that saw it mostly put the yawning emoji (technically saying that’s nothing for a new player) I’m not really considered a new player anymore and I don’t grind my Kills as Much

if I kept grinding my kills how I use too grind my kills I would have been at like 5K Kills By Now Because I don’t grind like I use too

I see that you aren’t really a new player anymore. I think there have been some new benchmarks set since then.

I’m super new, and thought I was doing pretty good, but NGL, This is the new guy is the one to watch out for!!!

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Thats Someones Alt Everyday Top 20 Make Alts To Play On, it could be a spammer, teamer, Or THis Could Be The Returnal Of… 49299…Oh no

Welll this is mine:

thats kinda sad

i had more xp tho until v2 changed xp and the others brooo i had a million coins

1 million only is sad again

cant blame u tho i had 23M and was pushed all the way down to 500K

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