5,000,000 XP in a day

Thanks for 10 followers!

To celebrate I grinded a lot and got 5,000,000 Xp today.

On the road to becoming world #1 in XP :fire:

When we get to 20 followers I will attempt to get 10,000,000 in a day. Lets go


Thats insane

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Go sleep

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That is Insanely good! I remember your username from somewhere but idk where

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I checked your profile, even though you grinded a lot but 10hrs for 3mil isn’t efficient at all. So, even if you grind for 24hrs you’ll get 7-8mil XP. You need to be a lot more efficient.

Anyways, Good Luck : )


wtf HOW

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By using ur skill


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Or well at least time would be good

Your turning into acol.

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How did you make it like a link

Yes I am working on that, I was super bored yesterday and just had fun while grinding on dead bot servers. Have any tips for me?

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No, I am very noob compared to your unmatched skillset and I don’t dare to teach the swordbattle god himself.

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Hm i Wonder if still possible

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Oh is this where he got the idea he was a sb god? XD

Actually probably the ai ngl lol the ai was fun with his arguments to hours sometimes to win

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Nah bro at the start the AI was never toxic but after interacting with us for a while it devolved into arguments lol


I know I was asking about bombs then was in a argument