(A Fanmade) Guide to Stellarclash.io

A fanmade guide for stellarclash.io, hope you enjoy! Might be releasing these for other games on the forum too.

How to get to stellarclash.io.

To get to stellarclash.io, just type in “stellarclash.io” on your browser and you will be put into game. Alternatively, if you are active on the forum, you can look for a post about or mentioning stellarclash.io and click on a blue linked text that links into the game: “stellarclash.io”, for example (all of the blue text on this topic will link to stellarclash.io.

Once you are on stellarclash.io, before pressing play to start, just enter a name in the name bar by typing whatever you would like (1-13 character limit).


To move, just move your cursor in that direction. The farther your cursor is from your spaceship, the faster you will go! You’ll notice a faint circle around your spaceship, move your cursor at least a little outside that circle in order to move and not stand still. (Note that there is a speed limit.) To shoot, just move your cursor in the direction of your target and click. (Note: there is a shooting cooldown.)

The goal of the game.

The idea of the game is that you are a spaceship in space, encountering enemy (usually bot) spaceships. The goal is to become the largest and most powerful spaceship out there.

What to do in-game.

Once you are in the game, try to kill as many other spaceships as possible. this gives you a little more mass/score, as well as more selenium,m which are the blue-green particles that are dropped when someone dies, and are also dispersed throughout the map. Your score is shown on the upper left part of your screen, as well as selenium (talked about shortly)

But to really get powerful, you have to level up your stats.

Leveling up stats.

To level up a lot, you need plenty of selenium. Leveling up stats spends selenium, which in turn makes it easier to kill, and, therefore, get selenium: a cycle.

There are a couple of different ways you can level up your stats: thrust speed, max health, health regen, damage, recoil time, spread, and bullet spread.

The higher the level for these stats are, the more powerful you get, and, therefore, the more easy it will be for you to survive.

Game status.

Now, right above your score and selenium counter, you will see some game status statistics, including FPS, ping, what type of server you are connected to (public or private,) and also how many people/bots are in your server.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed or learned something! (Should I continue this for other less popular iogames on the forum?)


This is great thankyou for making this for us @incognitoes

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Fire game I just tried it today

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i noticed there was no guide up here so i just decided to make one, i hope it was helpful