A newbie's guide to joining clans

These are all of the clans I recommend joining! Tell me if I made a mistake anywhere.

All of the popular clans

MV= We worship the great microwave. It’s fun.

Pros: @gautam was in it at some point, the biggest clan. Also, It’s really popular with the new players cause it’s not too hard to join

Cons: It’s too big, and some of the older players dislike it. Some people in MV are also kinda toxic.

CK= Come here if you dislike clans and want to target other clans. But then why would you join the clan in the first place?

Pros: Really good pvpers, nice players

Cons: If you have a friend in another clan, say goodbye to them

IK= “This is the clan for killing fools” IK_Zarooma, 2023

Pros: It has good pvpers, people aren’t TOO toxic, very powerful clan

Cons: you actually need to be good to join

Octopi= Chill clan, mainly grinding and fun

Pros: It’s probably the best clan to join for new players, because it doesn’t require you to do anything to join. The people in it are also very chill and nice, and I don’t think anyone in Octopi has become a public enemy.

Cons: None that I can think of…

Gucci= WAP

Pros: It’s big, I guess. It’s also popular with new players.

Cons: The people in it are… interesting. The leaders tend to include you in the clan whether you like it or not, and a lot of older players, including me, aren’t fans of this clan.

FC: Fighter Club is really good for grinding, and its also fun and amazing to be in/accosiated with FC

Pros: Good at grinding, fun, nice players

Cons: no active forum presence except Nukes.

And some of the good smaller clans

AH: A chill clan that gives you a lot of perks, like being given access to a clan account to grind on, private battle royales, and being invited to other fun events. It’s a really good clan, and I think that it needs more people.

CatSB: do you like cats? if so, join this clan!!!11!111

Summary: MV = cult, CK = bye clans, IK = kill noobs, Octopi = chill, Gucci = quirky(not in a bad way), AH = chill+fun, CatSB = feline, and FC = nice people


Just a clarification: Microwave clas does NOT have its own skin

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Well, technically, but…

It is a microwave made by the leader of the microwave clan. You are right, though.

Well you may wanna update this soon when i make a clan of my own, but it won’t be right now, so you don’t have to worry about it right now

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ok gotcha

if it has more than 6 members, i’ll put it in popular clans


I will, but its currently under heavy maintenance right now, currently no name and no requirements and no member so it does not exist of right now

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Looks great! But I wanna point out that FC has a lot more than just 2 players. I think it shouldn’t be considered a smaller clan.

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oh. i only know 2 players in it. uhhhhh

If you check the leaderboard for most XP grinded in the past day, you can find like 14 members. Some are in both CK and FC btw.

So that’s what fc is.

yeah right keep telling yourself that

How much do you want to bet that I wont add it to the list of skins to be removed for extreme controversy and misbehavior by some players?

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ok ok im sorry

also @_MV_UN_Faraway_Flame you might want to put something in about the mv and ck clan alliance…

ok gotcha

bro to outside ppl ck is toxic as heck, im clanless and they killed me instantly

what happened to ur mv tag?

Someone should create a newbie forum tutorial.

it made my name too complicated