A quick PSA

A couple things I would like to say. This is mainly for anyone who doesn’t really know me that well and/or is mad at me for killing them in-game.

  1. USA server has no rules. USA 2 is where all the action’s at.
  2. If you’re a member of FC and I killed you (which I’m technically not supposed to :eyes: ), it’s because…
    a. I temporarily forgot I wasn’t supposed to kill you.
    b. You kept attacking me for no reason and I got sick of it.
    c. See #1.
    d. I was grinding and wanted to be left alone.
    e. I didn’t see your name.

As per @Hamm 's suggestion, I have added three more points.
3. Don’t rage quit because someone attacks you, it’s called swordbattle for a reason.
4. Don’t spread propaganda of any kind. This isn’t 1984.
5. Don’t be biased. (should be obvious :P.) Don’t target people for no reason except them trying to kill you.

Second edit I forgot the entire reason I made this post.
6. If you have the default skin and a name that looks like a real name (eg. George, Delbert, Jesus), I will attack you on sight. There is nothing you can do to prevent your inevitable defeat. I will find you. (You can guess how much fun I have on an empty server.)

Third edit Sorry, I keep remembering new things to add to this. I promise it’s not on purpose.
FOURTH EDIT I just deleted everything from the third edit because it wasn’t a PSA anymore, it was just me saying random stuff. So yeah. Sorry about that. You can still read it

  1. “Don’t underestimate the power of body language” -Ursula from The little Mermaid
    One thing I like to do to try to communicate without chatting or even stopping is aim my sword. I pretend that the direction my sword is being aimed is the direction I’m “looking.” This can communicate different things, for example:
    a. If I walk past you, and we’re both over 5k (or otherwise at a similar level) while actively “looking” away from you, that means I don’t want any trouble, so leave me alone.
    b. If I see a group of people standing around or fighting, I might “stare” at you as I go by. That means that I am mildly interested in what is going on, and if one of them attacks me, I will readily join in, but I still don’t want any trouble, so leave me alone.
    c. If I am near you, and neither of us are sure if the other is friendly, and I want out of the confrontation, I will throw my sword, but not at the other player, so as to avoid starting a fight. Instead, I will often throw in the opposite direction that I plan to travel, using the small speed boost I get like a kind of retro rocket.
    Of course, nobody except me actually understands these little hints I give that I don’t want to fight, just grind, but I like to pretend that they work.
  2. If you’d like to meet me in game, here is when I’m usually online:
    Sunday: I’m never on on Sundays.
    Monday-Friday: Depending on weird schedules, I can usually fit SB somewhere into my school day. All times are in New York time.
    1st period: 7:50-8:35
    At the beginning and end of class, I usually play with my friends.
    2nd period: 8:39-9:25
    I am usually on for most of this time.
    5th period: 11:09-11:54
    You have about a 50-50 chance that I’ll be on.
    And that’s it. That’s the only times I’ll be on swordbattle.io.

but I doubt you’ll want to because it’s literally just me saying when I’m online.
Thank you for your time.
(And thank you @Hamm for the extra suggestions.)




  1. Swordbattle is called swordbattle for a reason, don’t get mad when someone goes after you
  2. Clans kinda- What? mods don’t allow anti-clan propaganda :scream:
  3. don’t target ppl bc they’re on a clan. actually, targeting a weak player for ANY reason other than them trying to kill you is disrespectful

this wasn’t against you, you made a psa and I added to it

(4 is referencing a post I made that got taken down)


Ah, ok, understood.


Makes sense.

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I thought you were talking about 1970.

I almost took that personally :laughing:

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