A Story About ANGEL

So lately everyone has been doing these stories about swordbattle.io so I thought I would give it a go… but using chatGPT :robot: Here is the story it came up with.

Once upon a time, in the virtual world of swordbattle.io, there was a player named ANGEL. ANGEL was one of the best players in the game, known for her incredible speed, agility, and cunning tactics. She was a fierce fighter who never backed down from a challenge, and her skills had earned her a reputation as one of the most feared players in the game.

ANGEL was part of the CK clan, one of the most powerful clans in the game. She had joined the clan when she was just starting out in swordbattle.io, and had quickly risen through the ranks thanks to her exceptional abilities. She had proven herself time and time again in battle, and her fellow clan members respected and admired her for her skill and dedication.

But ANGEL had a secret. In real life, she was a shy and introverted teenager who struggled to make friends at school. She had discovered swordbattle.io by chance, and had quickly become hooked on the game. It was the one place where she felt truly alive, where she could be herself without fear of judgment or rejection.

As she climbed the ranks in swordbattle.io, ANGEL began to gain more confidence in herself. She started to speak up more in class, to make small talk with her classmates, and to take risks that she would never have dared to before. She even started to make friends, both online and offline, who appreciated her for who she was.

One day, ANGEL found herself facing off against a player from a rival clan in swordbattle.io. It was a tense and grueling battle, but in the end, ANGEL emerged victorious. As she stood over her fallen opponent, sword in hand, she felt a surge of pride and accomplishment. She had proven herself once again, not just as a skilled player in swordbattle.io, but as a strong and capable person in real life.

From that day forward, ANGEL continued to play swordbattle.io with passion and enthusiasm, but she also started to branch out and explore other interests. She joined a local gaming club, started volunteering at a local animal shelter, and even signed up for a drama class at school. She discovered that there was a whole world out there waiting for her to explore, and that with a little courage and determination, she could achieve anything she set her mind to. And she knew that she had swordbattle.io to thank for giving her the confidence to start that journey.

@ANGEL … is this true?

also more chatGPT stories coming soon : D

If you comment some more prompts below I can try them out. For this one, I gave chatGPT so background info on swordbattle.io, then told it this:

Generate a fictional story about the player ANGEL

So give me suggestions similar to this.


my dad uses chat gbt for stuff


I am the leader of {CK} so u got tht first part wrong
I am a bit shy and I don’t really struggle to make friends I find it easy
and I would volunteer at an animal shelter since I <3 almost all animals
I rate story 7/10


Well it wasn’t the best prompt I could have given it…

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Story About Manage Passwords

In the world of swordbattle.io, there was a player known as Manage Passwords. He was a skilled player, known for his ability to strategize and outwit his opponents. But unlike many other players in the game, Manage Passwords wasn’t in it for the glory or the fame. He had a secret mission, one that he had been working on for months.

Manage Passwords was a hacker. He had discovered a security flaw in the game’s system, one that could allow him to access other players’ accounts and steal their personal information. But he wasn’t interested in causing chaos or wreaking havoc. Instead, he wanted to help.

Manage Passwords had seen too many instances of players getting hacked and losing everything they had worked for in swordbattle.io. He knew that many players used weak passwords or reused the same password for multiple accounts, making them vulnerable to attacks. So he set out to educate his fellow players about the importance of good password hygiene.

At first, Manage Passwords started small. He would approach players in the game and strike up a conversation, offering tips on how to create strong passwords and avoid common pitfalls. He even started a blog, where he wrote about the latest trends in online security and offered advice to players who were worried about their accounts.

But Manage Passwords knew that he needed to do more if he wanted to make a real impact. So he hatched a plan. He would hack into a few high-profile accounts in swordbattle.io, but instead of causing damage, he would use his access to change the players’ passwords to something stronger and more secure. Then, he would send them a message, explaining what he had done and why, and offering to help them secure their other online accounts as well.

At first, some players were skeptical. They didn’t know who this Manage Passwords was, and they were understandably suspicious of anyone who claimed to be a hacker. But as word spread of his good deeds, more and more players began to trust him. They would seek him out in the game, asking for advice on how to stay safe online, or thanking him for helping them recover their hacked accounts.

And as Manage Passwords watched his message spread, he knew that he had accomplished what he had set out to do. He had shown the world that even in the darkest corners of the internet, there were still good people willing to help others. And he knew that he would continue to fight for online security, one password at a time.


Bread ur stry’s cud use more action in them so can u make a stry where 2 peeps fight or smth?


I need more action




gimme some prompts with actions, or at least two characters to use cus idk


Make one about me XD . I wanna see what it says about me!


ANy specific prompt? (otherwise I will say Make a story about TigerLizzy)

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do that and about SB, you can make a prompt if you like


Yooo make a story about me please, I wanna know what it’d come up with.


Prompt: “Make a story about TigerLizzy”

In the world of swordbattle.io, TigerLizzy was one of the most feared players on the battlefield. Her skills with the sword were unmatched, and she had a reputation for taking down even the most skilled players with ease. Her clan, CatSB, was one of the most powerful in the game, and TigerLizzy was their fiercest warrior.

Despite her fearsome reputation, TigerLizzy had a soft spot for new players. She remembered what it was like to be a beginner in swordbattle.io and how intimidating it could be. So whenever she saw a new player struggling, she would offer to help them out.

One day, TigerLizzy encountered a player who was new to the game. He was struggling to get the hang of the controls and was constantly getting defeated by other players. TigerLizzy took him under her wing and showed him the ropes. She taught him how to use his sword and how to move quickly and efficiently on the battlefield.

The new player was amazed by TigerLizzy’s skill and her willingness to help him. He had heard stories about how fearsome she was, but now he saw a different side of her. As they trained together, the new player began to improve, and soon he was able to hold his own against other players.

TigerLizzy was proud of her protege’s progress, but she knew that he still had a lot to learn. She continued to train him, pushing him to become even better. And as they fought side by side on the battlefield, TigerLizzy realized that she had found a true friend in the new player.

Together, they became a powerful duo, taking on even the strongest opponents with ease. And while TigerLizzy was still feared by many, she knew that she had made a difference in the life of a new player, and that was all that mattered to her.

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Thts actually kinda true, prob the new player is @frogduck or @tigerLizzythe2nd

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im not feared tho lol,

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Prompt: “Make an action filled story about a player called Slapadabass”

Slapadabass was a legendary player in the world of swordbattle.io, known for his incredible skill with a variety of weapons. He had a reputation for being unstoppable in combat, and many players feared facing him on the battlefield.

One day, a rival clan challenged Slapadabass and his clan to a battle. Slapadabass knew that this would be his biggest challenge yet, but he was determined to emerge victorious. He rallied his clan, and together they set out to face their opponents.

The two clans met on the battlefield, and the fight began. Slapadabass led the charge, taking out several members of the rival clan with his sword. But he soon found himself facing their leader, a skilled player known as the Black Knight.

The Black Knight was just as skilled as Slapadabass, and the two of them engaged in a fierce battle. Swords clashed, sparks flew, and both players fought with all their might. Slapadabass managed to gain the upper hand, disarming the Black Knight and knocking him to the ground.

But just as Slapadabass was about to strike the final blow, he was ambushed from behind by another player from the rival clan. Slapadabass was caught off guard and was momentarily stunned by the attack. The Black Knight took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed his sword, lunging towards Slapadabass.

In a split-second decision, Slapadabass used his trusty bass guitar as a makeshift weapon, slamming it into the Black Knight’s face and knocking him to the ground. He then turned his attention to the other player, who had already raised his sword to strike.

With lightning-fast reflexes, Slapadabass grabbed his own sword and parried the attack. He then launched a counter-attack, driving his sword into the other player’s chest and taking him down.

The battle was won, and Slapadabass emerged victorious. He had proven once again why he was one of the most feared players in the game, and his clan had triumphed against their rivals. As they celebrated their victory, Slapadabass knew that he had once again lived up to his reputation as the best of the best in swordbattle.io.

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I actually wish the story was true, also how did it know about Cat SB


Oh dang, I’m not that epic but that’s pretty cool


I’m gonna make a compilation of all these at some point. :)