What do you all think about different abilities added to the game so that we can start using them to fight other players and we have to use a skill tree and this is where levels kick in where you can use levels to add on to your skills also we can add in gems so that we can basically make our skills either passive or active witch u have to click the # to activate the abilities also the only way to get gems is by killing other players or killing bots/animals.


Yes! This is more commonly known as the “Evolution” update. We are starting off with 2 classes, Tank and Berserker.

Basically both of the classes will have their own advantages, for example, tank will be slower but stronger. Each class will also have a special ability, for example, once every 30 seconds, a berserker can use their ability to gain massive power for a few seconds.

This update was suggested by my friend Mitblade at first, and we are hoping to release it sometime this or next week.

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Can you add bows and arrows one day or different weapons?


Hmm, maybe, but the theme is swordbattle… You should create a new topic to discuss this!


;) good times