About the carball public beta-- a pause in development

The public beta was fun to launch, but unfortunately my ACTs are in 25 days and I really need to study if I care about my future so I will be pausing carball development until I get that 36 :wink: jk I hope i get a 30+ at least.

I will be putting full focus on carball after my ACT and I got some super useful info from a game dev who has worked with Poki before and I wanna see how big I can get this game to be… Ty for all the support with the launch

On the other hand If anyone has act tips pls let me know ty!!!


my sis got a 35… gl.
also carball when you dash just opens the right click menu so…
and point scoringdoesnt work.
but gl

left click not right click

not helpful at all, explain

yo thats a good score

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gl man

why not dsat? its much easier now

in my state almost everyone takes act :person_shrugging:


  • Focus on reading assuming ur obv proficient in Math
  • The science section is math but js science stuff in the problem
  • Constantly practice and take practice tests
  • Evaluate your test after your done taking a practice one, find out which problems you need improvement with
  • Use websites like LearnQ(I never used it but my friend said it was good) or AceIt(This one requires purchasing, but I used it once using a 3 day trial, pretty good cus it has a side by side chatbot)
  • Create a plan to study, go to youtube and get tips & tricks, observe how they approach a problem
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No my strat is just to do a bunch of practice tests until i can get 36 consistently

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Mb u asked for tips so i js said. But you obv have to do more than js do practice tests, like evaluate, find patterns, etc.

Yeah those are good tips I did try them out and nothing really helped

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I still mess up in like 1-5 each test depending on the categoy so I need to keep working. Yt is really helpful for tips yeah

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I see, if i were u i’d identify those 1-5 problems u mess up and come to a solution or see how others approach it, I believe people best learn when they see an example.

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Also join discord server’s like Gohar’s Guide or smth where there are channels specifically for act/sat help. I’ve a bunch of act and sat books, if I can get the online version(I need to scratch the pin to access online) of it I can obv give u the acc if that helps, js like dm or smth :+1: