About the Lurkers.io category

lurkers.io is a zombie survival game where you must harvest resources, buy weapons and survive the apocalypse!

The world is fully destructible and structures can collapse! There are several online game modes available where you fight against other players competitively, fight AI enemies or just play peacefully.

Game modes:

• Bedwars - Destroy the enemy teams bed to win!
• Zombie Survival - Fend off waves of zombies as you build a base, harvest valuable resources and upgrade your weapon arsenal.
• Team Deathmatch - Two teams fight against each other to get the most kills first.
• Survival - Randomly generated open world where you can do whatever you want, form teams, or wage wars!


• Sword - dangerous melee weapon up close
• Bow - economical weapon firing arrows
• Pistol - semi-automatic weapon
• Shotgun - high damage at close range
• Machine Gun - medium range fully automatic
• Sniper - lethal long range gun
• Grenade Launcher - fires grenades
• Bazooka - shoots rockets that break buildings


• Fast-paced multiplayer gameplay
• Various weapons and game modes
• Fully destructible environment
• Infinite randomly generated worlds
• Modding


Sounds fun


Why game no load-

sounds like fun, but isnt that basically zombs.io?

Not really. Plus there’s a bunch of different gamemodes.


zombs is topdown, this is 2d

Sounds pretty cool