About the Mine-craft.io category

Mine-Craft.io is an io game where you can gather resources, construct houses, build complex mechanisms, form alliances, and defend against nocturnal monsters and hostile players.

Shadows and players are enemies that you need to avoid and protect yourself. Therefore, building quickly and firmly during the day will help you be safer.

There are many mini-games for you to earn extra rewards, like:

  • SkyWars - There is an island and you need to kill your opponent.
  • BedWars - SkyWars with islands, you need to defend your bed on it and destroy your opponent’s bed.
  • Zombies - Like zombies? You need to survive as many waves as possible.
  • AmongUs - Complete missions with crew members and find the impostors.
  • Duels - Battle with 2 or 4 players, it’s available in Creative and Survival modes.
  • Deathmatch - Infinity battle with instant shot crossbows!
  • Spleef - You need to dig a block of sand under your opponent’s feet and let him fall.
  • Maze - Simply find the way out.