Ads are out of hand

Alright, the ads are just crazy. I’ve been seeing ads between every other reply, and most are Etsy, NSFW, or about gambling. :/ I’ll take some pictures for later.


Ads should be more moderated…


Coder can’t do anything about that, the ad goes to the highest bidder


I haven’t had a single ad in months

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Me when safe mode exists:

wana break for the adds mwa

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oh god safe mode feels so barren

what the heck

you have to sacrifice a lot to remove ads


and where is the chat?

has anyone noticed the thumbs up buttons turning into hearts?

What’d udo??

so there’s a secret mode on this forum called safe mode and it does the following:

  • removes chats
  • hearts as like button
  • no advertisements
  • glitched notifications
  • no themes
  • no who’s online feature either lol
  • oh yeah i almost forgot no reactions
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bro what is the point of this it removes like half the forum features

if you dont like ads just use a ad blocker

So like forum but for kids?

yea forum for 8 year olds

basically a limited forum expirience

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Do i have a mental problem or did you 2 say the same things 2 times