Aim skin by hamm (L name i know)

Name: Aim (please give me better ideas)
Desc: Take aim
Price: 145k

Sword (made by @Slapadabass) :


the skin looks trash the sword looks great


Yeah, I need to improve the skin…

(oh well, brb!)

What king sed


skin looks like a man in stitches ngl


Finished the re-polish! should be actually centered and smooth now

This skin looks like a sniper scope, if only the sword was a gun lol


oop- it’s supposed to be a crosshair aimed on top of the skin.

I ruined Bass’ perfect sword :[

YES! you got it!!! Also, @ManagePasswords, is it ok to make default skins with zing like this one, and still have a chance at getting in the game? I have a much better idea

Perhaps u shud fix the skin to fit the sword or make a different sword? Id go with the first option

It depends on how much u change, for this u just put a couple of shapes on. Id say it took max ten mins

Now if u change a lot or add a decent amount of design,id say sure

Ok, perfect, also, i tried making the skin for the sword. guess it’s time to try again.

In case ur wondering, this is what the original skin was gonna be based off of

here it is!

Antique fencing-mask, late 19th century - Catawiki

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Ummmmmm, u shudvr put a mesh on the player, with brown outline theb

Make sure skins r finished soon. Smtime this week i will start ignoring new submissions
Next release date confirmed

AY! You didn’t RUIN it!


With this skin i did. At this point, you should make the skin.

Man i suck at this i only feel good about my first two

Uh-uh, no.

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U r skilled. Dont give up

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I won’t, but no one noticed my glass skin here: Glass skin by Hamm
(shameless plug)

Its being considered to be added lmao