Alien skin by micah shaub

my updated Alien skin here (with more detail)

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pls add it… but its okay if you don’t

its pretty good

thoughs eyes thow

Looks decent, could be improved. what you guys think @ManagePasswords @Mitbald @Slapadabass

tbh compared to slapdabass i dont think it gonna be added the standard is SO HIGH

Might be copyright

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I like the sword, might be copyrighted like manage said. The skin itself seems kinda basic, I would’ve liked for there to be more detail.


its not copyrighted. <---- Proof

I dont think its copyright but overall skin could do some clean up. Personally not a fan of light saber as dosent fit theme of ailien in my opinion. Skins not bad but could be more smooth somehow.


Thanks! what do you think I should make the sword as though?

doc of proof isnt view accessed

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