AM i PRO? just asking

just asking again, because some people say i am becoming a pro, and getting better at 1v1 / pvp

  • Tigerlizzy is pro
  • tigerlizzy is not pro
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You are getting there


i mean compared to everyone but me



meh ur not tht good yet


Tosti said im pro now also look at the results of poll

Um the poll says your not pro

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how did it change?? there was 20 voters and people said i was pro

no :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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u never played with me before so stoop answering what u don’t know

im better than u

i looked still not pro

tbh being a pro and being on top 100 r two different things top 100 is exp not how good u r just means u play a lot

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totsi is not pro i saw him fight he just grinds


u never played with me

ik, being pro is good at the game, like winning a lot of pvps and getting first place and all that

hes not?

Yup he not he just grind