Am i savage

I kill a lot of people just randomly with no excuse cause its fun and i get coins, does this make me savage, i won’t judge u:

  • Yes
  • No
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depends on who you ask, I do the same all the time… I hate teaming, and this is a game about killing players to get coins, I don’t see the problem…


ur mean

If that makes you a savege then I don’t want to know what I would be

well the fact that u kill random ppl isnt bad but the fact u server hop just to kill me repetitivley when the only other person online is me is kinda savage

Have they ever spun and copy and pasted time to harvest you weakling into chat while using sythe skin XD

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no not to me cause they just kill me i am terrible at pvp

So no insults to you ):

no not when its just me on

i think i got one insult but other ppl were on and i was teamed with them to grind and that was the only time i survived

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