AMA SnakeyKing

Ask me anything :)
Like literally anything


why are is u name snakyking
how did u find sb.

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Because idk (it’s a long story)

The long story

I wanted a cool nickname but I didn’t know what to do so I did Snakey because I only knew Python at that time. But then I realised that’s a common nickname so I changed it to SnakeyKing

I was on Replit Ask doing my business talking with bunch of people including 9pfs then he said he was sitebanned on Replit and he said he was only going to be on sub forums now. And few days later he got suspended from Replit Ask. And that’s how I found sb forums.

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Top 10 users?

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Do you play ches?

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what do you code on replit?

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can you reply to another post and get tl2

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idk (Gautam is probably first though)

Of course I do. I’m a master of chess. (Want proof for that? I beat my dad every time I play chess with him and I’ve beaten at least 4 of my classmates in chess)

Buncha Python stuff. If U wanna see for yourself, press here

idk. I have tl1 though. Also, I got tl2 on Replit Ask

y did u maek this post?

Because I have nothing to do

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