Among Us Crew Application

  1. Pay @futurepear at least 500 Cycles on replit

  2. Among Us template request:

<Among_us_color> Among us and

  1. Flex your Among Us skin

After and is supposed to be cosmetics (I am on mobile)

i used to have a lot of cycles but i made a new replit account

can you show us the amogus skin?


among us? you had to pay to get this?

yeah I got mine

Screenshot 2024-05-05 202612

Pay future in money though

  1. Patreon
  2. Online if Patreon is blocked

He don’t take indirect payment like giftcards etc.

does he take cycles in replit?

man i luvvv that skin wish i could have it :c

yes you have to dm future after you’re done

Dont use
I dont wanna set up stuff to cash out

No i quit replit

Paypal is best way for me