ANGEL vs Acol - Who will win?

It was a rainy day in land, yet ANGEL stood in front of the door with her sword ready. She had been waiting for Acol, but he was late. Their dueling sessions was getting more fiercer as Acol’s skills improved. Finally, he came in.

“Hey!” she called out through the rain. “Are you ready?”

Acol smiled. He had traveled long enough, too.

They met in the middle of the duel field. The two opponents exchanged glances. Then they unsheathed their swords and began to attack.

The battle was fierce. Both fighters fought hard. Acol swung first, a clean slice. Angel blocked it using her left hand and thrust with her right. Acol dodged by moving back. His sword cut her arm, then his. He swung again. Angel tried to dodge but missed. A long slash went across her chest.

“Ha!” Acol laughed. “You’re low.”

She dropped her sword. “I know… It hurts…” she whimpered.

He offered her his hand. “Come on, let’s go insi-”

It was all part of ANGEL’s plan. Quickly, she picked up the sword she’d dropped and charged towards him. She parried his attacks and sliced into his neck, killing him instantly.

“Victory! I win!” she cheered.

But then, Acol came out of nowhere. Turns out, ANGEL killed Acol’s assistent, not himself. But before ANGEL could process anything, Acol stabbed her in the stomach. She fell down, gasping for air.

“You’ve gone too far,” she said. “I will kill you.”

Acol just smirked. “As if you can.”

Hour after hour went by, it was an even match. Even the thousands of players watching them could not tell who would win.

Acol threw his sword at her, and she blocked it with the hilt of hers. Then she slashed at him with a counterattack that made both of their weapons break.

“You’ve got some skill,” he mused. “But you don’t have talent.”

Angel growled. This guy had insulted her.

Then Acol swung with all his might. Angel stepped back. But then something happened. Another player in the server started attacking her. With all of her strength, she killed the other player, just to see Acol right behind the other player. She was cornered.

“W-we can talk about this,” she stammered.

“No we can’t,” he said. “I want to end you now.”


Acol raised his blade high above him, and swung with all his might.


“Почему же я так плох в этом?”, muttered Acol, feeling happy but sad at the same time. He had defeated ANGEL, but not fairly, if it weren’t for the other player, he could’ve lost.

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This is so true there is always this one player that helps acol and they end up cornering me :c

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Ppl are so bad in sword battle cause of lag. I normally just corner and power kill three ppl at a time.

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same here:]

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I like teams to

how long can max stand against Angel AND Acol

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