ANGEL vs. Hacker - Who will win?

This is my favorite story I have ever created.

Even if you don’t like reading, you should read this one because it is just AMAZING

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It was a bright, sunny day in swordbattle land. ANGEL was playing, casually gaining over 1 million coins. All the players tried to stop her but she was too good.

During that time, a player joined. His name was Koyuki. He had been watching ANGEL’s battle and decided he wanted to play too.

“I’ll go for her! I’m gonna beat her!” said Koyuki with a confident smile.

He started collecting coins and got big enough to fight with ANGEL.

He wen’t to ANGEL, and started swinging at her, but she dodged it easily like usual and laughed.

Koyuki couldn’t believe this was happening. He lost his confidence immediately and put on a frown.

“I can’t win against someone so good…”, and disconnected from the game.

He went to google, and searched “ hack” and found out how easy it is.

But first he needed money. So he looked up “how to make money fast”, and found an article about making money by taking pictures of cats.

After getting some cash from that, he immediately went and bought the hack. It cost him $20, but that didn’t matter to him anymore.

He loaded his hack into the game, and was immediately banned from the server.
But he got his money back! And then bought again. This time he was banned even faster, so he went and looked up “How to get past the ban.”

Finally, he managed to log in after 3 tries. He used the hack and made 1 million coins within the first hour!

“That was easy!”, he thought to himself.

“I can make more than a million coins easily!” he thought.

So he looked for other hacks, such as “Aimbot hack” “Invisible”, etc. And he bought all of them!
He was very excited now.

“What could I do with all this power?”, he thought.

It was obvious. It was time to end ANGEL’s reign of power. He had no doubt that she would lose against him!

He raced to the place ANGEL was, and immediately activated all his hacks. ANGEL was overwhelmed. Koyuki hit angel over and over, without missing any of his hits.
Koyuki had 10 MILLION coins now. ANGEL didn’t stand a chance. With her health dropping faster than someone who is falling off a cliff, ANGEL logged on to the forum and told all her followers to join the game.

Immediately, the server was filled with people, trying to save ANGEL, and they were all surrounding Koyuki!

Koyuki had an idea. He made his name ‘ANG3L’, it looked exactly like ANGEL’s profile. So he could easily confuse them. But this only enraged the players even more.

ANGEL’s army slowly grew in size, being 10 people at first, then a 100 people! Everyone was trying to defeat Koyuki, even his aimbot was confused who to target. Koyuki had over 100 MILLION coins now. He was getting ready for a huge war.

But the server suddenly started lagging. The players panicked.

Quickly, it got fixed though, for everyone, except Koyuki. Koyuki’s game was at 2 FPS because of the hacks. Koyuki started to panic. “Oh god!” he shouted.

“No!” he cried. “Not now, please…,” he begged.

He was scared. But randomly, his lag was fixed. He grew overconfident, and turned his hack settings to 100%. He was 100 times faster than a normal player, his size was massive, he was instoppable. But then, something happened. All the players teamed up, with one goal. To push Koyuki out of the map.

All the other players tried their hardest, and it was working, slowly Koyuki was moving, and the small players’ power was too strong. Angel was still in front of him, hitting him left and right, she didn’t give up, but her health bar kept falling. Koyuki was so mad, he wanted to stop her, but he couldn’t. She was stronger than him, no way to beat her.
And then…

“I can do it! I’m the strongest in the world!”, he said to himself

“You’re stupid. You can’t beat me and my friends even with hacks”, ANGEL said

Now Koyuki became sad. He knew he couldn’t beat ANGEL. And then he heard a voice in his head.

“But you can. With the hacks, you’re the strongest in the world. Stop using them. Turn them off, but play normally with your heart.”

Koyuki stopped his hacks. Yes, all of ANGEL’s friends killed him before he could even
process it. But still, he deleted his hacks and played normally. He was now level 1, but he was happy. He won.

He met up with ANGEL’s friends and everyone congratulated him.

“Congratulations Koyuki! You will become a strong player like ANGEL one day!” they cheered.

“Thanks guys, but I’m sorry for using hacks…”, he said. “I really didn’t know you all were nice…”

They all laughed.

“No worries, dude! We just want you to be happy!” they said.

“You don’t need hacks if you have friends like us! Keep fighting!”

“We’ll always be here for you, bro!”

And so, Koyuki’s grind for #1 began.


tht will never happen but nice stroy check out mine it is me vs u

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Do you want to see more Koyuki in the future? Let me know below.

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Ok I will read it.

hold up here link Max vs. undercovecvefy

Yes lol I would like to fight this guy again but without hacks:]


Man would wiped of the face of sword-battle land.

Lol nice story, I love it


I know who wins

death of course

wrong answer

but all will die

eh true but the winner is coder

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bro max with the storys BRO
my brain rn
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