Anime skin 2.0 (not copyrighted)

New Project (5)

price only sold for 1 week and it cost 1.5mill

when the


is the

This is not worth 1.5 mil maybe like 4k

liited edition ultra rare skin only for a week first event where skin will be delted unles you buy it now

2k or 3k

id say -1.5 mil is a good price

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500k, IF, you make the skin a circle, and completely change the sword

100k maybe???

wht is the swords prob

make it the scythe from that gif

1mill take it or leave it

the scythe is so hardddddd itle take like 3 hoursss

well then ill leave it

750k take it no leaveing

there seems to be a problem…

welp I buy it for choose my profile pic for 1 week deal

that is awful

Yes we should add this and then I get free coins muahahahah!

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I would only buy this if you paid me 1.5mill coins