Anime skin by potatolord

any of these

No anime for now

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whyy man really i loked so hard for this picture

ill take the skin for only myself and no one lese can use it

oh bec it takes a long time to see if it is rlly copyrighted right @gautam

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how long if it takes to long ill be gone

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If you put the anime skin I will quit this game and stop making stories

I hate anime :)


see it is because of people like oyu i cant have the single thing I wanted

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no god plz no

and you only do it cause you look at the internet to much

Maybe you just watch so much anime and wasting your time whilst im writing and actually learning xD

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i am takeing ap and honors classes have a above average IQ and I already have my whole future planned out im going to be a veterinarian

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Wowee that’s really I got a grammar school but i don’t what I will do after that

Won’t be added, for now.

May be added in the future!

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